School Of Sports Science and Physical Education

INRODUCTION The School of Sports Science and Physical Education is responsible for the center of sport economics and sport management, department of physical education, department of recreation activities, department of elite athletes and center of sport facilities and venues. Physical Education and Recreation.

Physical education includes teaching physical activities, sports skills and physical fitness to all students. There are 14 courses designed for freshman and sophomore. Sport and related services are set for all on campus, including special student groups such as elite athletes, person with disability, injury and disease. A vast variety of sport courses are also opened for students of the upper grade who do not have P.E. regular classes.

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Dean, Professor, Master SupervisorEducation: Sept.1983—July.1987, Beijing Normal University, Bachelor in PEWork experience: Ju...

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Master Programs

The Master of Sport Management (thesis, 3 years) degree has been set up since 2006 and the Master of Sport Science (2 years) starts in 2015. Two programs are managed by the Center of Sport Economics and Management in the School of Sports Science and Physical Education. Our programs aspires to be a global leader in creating physical activity knowledge, programs, and services while positively impacting the SWUFE, China, and other nations through the development of scholars and practitioners who study and promote physical activity, exercise, and sport.

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